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Green Facts
Lions Gate Dry Wall is committed to resource conservation.

  • Drywall is safe, environmentally friendly product made from gypsum – a naturally occurring mineral.
  • One of our available products from Certain Teed, uses gypsum wall board that has a 99% recycled content.
  • The gypsum board face and back paper consists of 100% recycle paper.
  • Recycled Content Dry Wall is made primarily from synthetic gypsum: a by-product of a pollution control process that coal fired power plants employ to control emissions that contribute to acid rain. During the flue gas desulfurization, or “scrubbing” process, a sorbet, usually a basic limestone or lime, is used to neutralize the acidic flu gases that are created during the burning of coal. Pure synthetic gypsum is a mineral constituent produced by this process, and has been used in wallboard manufacturing since the 1990’s. The gypsum recaptured during scrubbing tends to be significantly purer than mined gypsum. As a result, synthetic gypsum boards often display better building qualities than mined gypsum boards, and can easier to work with.
New innovation in Low VOC Products

Lions Gate Drywall is pleased to announce we will be offering Air Renew.

  • Permanently converts VOCs’ in to safe, inert compounds.
  • Absorbs VOCs’ for generations, based on tests and analysis.
  • Recyclable provides moisture and mold resistance.